Research Interests

Genomic dynamics, epidemiological dynamics, and ecology of influenza A viruses

  • Identify evolutionary pathways for influenza A viruses
  • Identify novel influenza A viruses and genotypes, especially those causing influenza outbreaks
  • Identify environmental factors driving influenza evolution

Host-pathogen interaction of influenza A virus, especially host-immune responses of influenza infection and influenza cell tropisms

  • Quantify and predict influenza-ligand interaction
  • Quantify and predict influenza viral fitness

Dynamics of microbial community in hosts/environments

  • Model the viral population and genetic dynamics in hosts/environments
  • Quantify and predict disease burden in hosts or the impacts on environments from such a dynamic

New pathogen discovery

  • Identify new pathogens using metagenomics technology
  • Characterize new pathogens