Posted on 12/01/2014 Archive: General

Dr. Xiu-Feng (Henry) Wan could be on the faculty of many other major research institutions. He remains at Mississippi State University, however, because of the freedom the institution gives him to research in a manner he finds both personally satisfying and beneficial to animals and humans.

Wan is a leading influenza viral scientist and chooses the university’s College of Veterinary Medicine as his professional base. He is an associate professor in systems biology in the Department of Basic Sciences, a role he has held well over a decade.

A goal for Wan is to take MSU to the pinnacle of research by one day developing a universal vaccine for influenza viruses in humans and animals that is both efficient and economical. Wan became the first scientist to isolate the highly pathogenic H5NI avian influenza virus while doing graduate work in China, and today he continues his life’s research on that particular virus and other viruses. Read more